I had finally reached a point in my life where I could accept my sexuality when I decided to move to Toronto.   With most of my immediate family in the GTA, I knew that I needed to come out to my family or be forced to live a complicated, stressful life.  When I arrived in Toronto, the stress of a new area, a new job, and the loss of my support group quickly evaporated my courage.  All the confidence I had gained quickly disappeared, I felt lost.  At that point I decided to reach out to Mitch.  I was immediately touched by Mitch’s empathy and compassion.  I soon found myself opening up more than I ever had before.  With his help, I was able to reframe my journey and breakthrough. 

Thanks Mitch. 

Joe   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________I came to Mitch at probably the bleakest time in my life. I had just gotten out of a long-term serious relationship that had ended in a painful break-up. I was living alone in Toronto after graduation with no family support and working at very stressful job. Further, my relationship with my family was rocky. Mitch provided me not only solace and comfort but the guidance I was much in need of. With his support I was able to find the strength and resilience to move forward and work on improving communication with my parents. It has been six months since I  first started seeing Mitch and I am in a much happier and more stable place in my life both in my personal life and professionally and have been able to successfully move on.  

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Over the past 8 months, I’ve sat with Mitch on a dozen or more occasions.  As a result of his extraordinary patience, sharp listening skills and superb guidance, I received great benefit from every moment spent with him.  Mitch helped me through a difficult time, not only with my marriage but also dealing with a traumatic childhood experience.  He managed our time together very well; giving each of the two issues the attention they deserved.  Mitch is very sincere and genuine.  It’s evident that he has a passion for helping people.  Each session began with a welcoming smile and ended with tremendous amount of support and reassurance. Thanks to Mitch and the support of those closest to me, my life is moving forward on an upward trajectory! Sincerely, 


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you our experience with Mitch. Last year my then 15 year old son started seeing Mitch on a weekly basis.  Prior to this there were issues that had tormented him for some time unbeknownst to me (his mom). The beauty about Mitch is that he works together with us and does not come across as clinical - he guides you to find tools to better equip you for life.  Each and every week I witnessed my son transform with Mitch’s gentle guidance. Working with Mitch has been and continues to be an amazing team effort that I will never forget and am forever grateful. My son has gained a better understanding of who he is and enters adulthood with a stronger foundation for life. Can it get any better than that…. Mitch, FOR EVERYTHING, 

Thank you, With gratitude, 



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